Making an impact while securing and responsibly transferring instructions of your digital and personal possessions.

It all started when one of our Co-founders (Surya Prakash Singh) grandpa passed away. He had to face a lot of difficulties when it came to access his mobile, his belongings and contact the people who were important to him. It was an impossible task to look after all his digital accounts and there was no way one could get to know about the people who owe him money. In fact, there wasn’t any funeral preference too.

He teamed up with Sparsha and began to research on how to handle these things. Shockingly, they found that 70% individuals don’t have any instructions such to hand over to others and their families do face unnecessary trouble in order to retrieve it.
Our Co-founders are serial entrepreneurs with works published in Forbes, Virgin Media, Huff Post, Thrive Global and Influencive.

With a determined mission, we started “YOWILL” to protect families from such troubles. Join our mission and let’s sign-off from this world responsibly.