Control and protect your tomorrow

Simple and secure way to transfer authority of your digital assets and personal belongings to your trusted people on the off chance anything happens to you.

The problem

You seriously wouldn’t want them to get into wrong hands!
  Did you ever wonder the fate of your personal photos, videos or chats on your mobile/ social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc or the sensitive emails in your Gmail or any other accounts on the off chance anything happens to you? What about a memory collectible from your dad/mom or other personal belongings? After reports of multiple incidents and cases, YOWILL has come up with a mission to solve this problem and pull you out from the 70% of the population who are unaware of the consequences.

The Solution

What do we provide?
Simple and secure way to control and transfer instructions of your digital possessions and any other personal belongings to your appointed nominee during adversity.

You can control and transfer:

  • Social Media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, etc / emails
  • Personal belongings like a mobile, diary, etc
  • Secrets, wishes or instructions
  • The accounts you would like to delete
  • The people who owe you money
  • Details on any savings and insurance cover details
  • Exclusive messages to your loved ones
  • Whereabouts of your “property will” and details of your lawyer
  • Others
Why us?


human friendly


various plans to suit your budget


compliant with standard security measures


your document is locked and not visible to our staff


mission-driven and support available when needed


Get one of our plans at 20% off and secure yourself !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YOWILL?

YOWILL provides you an authority to select nominees who would get access to your instructions to look after your digital assets and personal belongings on the off chance anything happens to you.

What’s next?

Once you select a plan, you will be directed to a dashboard where you can input your content and fill nominee details. During unhappening, your nominee will get access to your content to follow it as per your instructions, thus handling your assets respectfully and safely.

Do we have a free plan?

No. After many coffee cups and hours of thinking, we have decided to exclude free plan since we want to respect your private data and unless you are convinced to go with us.

How can I trust you?

After multiple incidents, we have started a mission to protect people’s digital and personal assets on the off chance anything happens to them. We have made sure to equip with the best security practices, none of the staff will get a look at your content and it has been started by serial entrepreneurs whose works have been featured on Forbes, Virgin, Thrive Global, Influencive, Huff Post, etc. What are you waiting for?
For further info contact: info@yowill.life

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"My sister passed away recently, had a hard time retrieving her digital assets to close them. With "YOWILL", my wife and kids get access where needed. I'm relieved."

– Robin

"I always wanted this service but couldn't find it. I'm glad I landed up here. It makes sense to authorize our digital assets to someone whom we trust rather than letting them rot around."

– Kiara

"Doesn't get any better. Easy and helps one avoid unnecessary tasks disposed on family members."

– Anna Smith

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